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The ONE KEY SECRET standby device suppliers don’t want you to know

So you’re keen to save electricity and CO2 and are looking for a device to help you do this. You find there’s lots of choices. Confronted, you ask yourself “which type is best for me?”

The answer is simple. Choose something simple. Something easy to understand. Choose something without a remote control to lose, something that doesn’t use batteries and … HERE’S THE SECRET … choose a device that DOES NOT USE STANDBY POWER ITSELF. Yes, most do! But very very few suppliers want you to know this so they won’t show this on their marketing material. They’ll usually state something flattering like “eco gadget X will turn off all your appliances” but mention nothing about the inherent energy losses (standby) of the gadget itself. Considering most of us have our appliances off for much longer periods than we have our appliances on for, this means a considerable hidden waste of electricity and money! 

Let’s face it – if you want to eliminate standby you need to eliminate it 100%. Imagine if you paid money for a device that then cost you more money just keeping your appliances off, than all the money saved by having those appliances off? Now that would be madness, so be very very selective.


  • devices with remote control functionality require a receiver at the socket outlet which just sits there, always-on, waiting for a signal
  • devices using master/slave functionality have electronic circuits also just sitting there, always-on, waiting for a signal, using extra electricity just to keep your appliances off (and on!)
  • any device that is warm while your appliances are off is using extra electricity just to keep those appliances off
  • any device that remains on represents a fire risk, especially cheap electronic gadgets
  • the EcoSwitch Easy Reach Power Switch uses ZERO electricity to keep your appliances off – and a mere 0.5W during the usually shorter appliance-on cycles (to keep the small reminder neon in the switch lit). Most devices use some electricity whilst your appliances are kept on – many use more than 0.5W. When off, the EcoSwitch and all connected appliances are 100% completely off.

As always, you need to look closely to see the reality behind the claims that product suppliers make. Here’s a start: