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Standby power saving product review

You asked us for it, so here’s our ‘who’s who’ of standby power saving products.  While all these products strive to serve the same purpose – to save energy by switching off standby power – some do the job better than others. And of course there is a huge variation in price.

To avoid any bias, we’ve included only independent reviews by 3rd parties, listed here by product name alphabetically:


Belkin Conserve AV ($250)

CHOICE (2 Stars): “These switches may be useful for difficult to reach power switches, however, there are cheaper alternatives. Although clever, these switches are an extra piece of hardware you have to pay for, both upfront and in the long run with battery replacement and power. And do you really want another remote?“ Read full review

GADGET GUY: “If these products cost $20-30, why wouldn’t you buy them? The premium price does give pause for thought though. And remember, even using the Conserve Smart Power will cost around $100 a year because it draws a couple of watts – it’s always in standby.”  Read full review


EcoSwitch Easy Reach Power Switch ($20)

CHOICE (4 Stars): “Turning several electrical appliances off at the wall can save you money and will reduce the power used when those products would otherwise be in standby. Ecoswitch is a relatively cheap and simple product that can help you save money and energy.” Read full review

PC WORLD (5 Stars): “The EcoSwitch is one of those products that you look at and face-palm, because it’s just so blindingly obvious. If you have power sockets you can’t reach, you need an EcoSwitch. Brilliantly simple.” Read full review

GREEN RENTERS: “Now for the simplest, most effective and cheapest device of all, the eco-switch.  This nifty little item retails for just under $20 and it is a simple switch that enables you to turn off your power from a more accessible and (more importantly) noticeable location.”  Read full review

RENEW MAGAZINE: “Unlike other units on the market, the ecoswitch doesn’t use relays, just a big power switch, so there’s far less likelihood of the ‘sticky contact’ problem we’ve seen with relay-based devices.Read full review


Embertec SmartSwitch Emberplugs AV and PC ($100)

GREEN RENTERS:  “On some occasions, simpler products like the Future Switch or the EcoSwitch may be much more suitable.” Read full review


Future Switch remote controlled socket outlet (starter pack $39)

CHOICE (2 Stars): “The product turns off with a wireless remote. But to use wireless you need batteries for the remote and power for the device. So just how much do the power savers save?” Read full review

GREEN RENTERS: “It is one more remote to look for – and if you lose it, you cannot use your appliances without removing the wall socket.” Read full review

ENERGY MATTERS: “The sockets also look reasonably well made, but as a “piggy back” device that is nearly 50mm in depth, the entire unit with a plug in it starts to “hang out” from the wall a bit!“ Read full review


Go4Green EnergySmart ($299)
CHOICE (0 Stars): ”This device fails to deliver on its claims of slashing up to 10% from your electricity bill.” Read full review


Jackson Master-Slave power board ($50)

GREEN RENTERS: “Eventually, this unit started to play up and once in a while, all the slaves would turn on and off every 20 seconds or so.  So it was back to the shop for that.  I replaced it with a simple power board with individual switches.” Read full review

TrickleStar Trickle Saver ($70)

GREEN RENTERS: “There are two key limitations of the TrickleSaver TV, and they are big ones. First, most master-slaver powerboards have constant sockets for devices that need constant power. The TrickleSaver does not have a constant socket, so any devices needing constant power need to be plugged into a separate socket or powerboard. Second, the TrickleSaver also has only one outlet, so if you have multiple slaves you will need to use a double-adapter or powerboard to power these devices.”  Read full review  


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