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20 reasons why an EcoSwitch makes a great Christmas gift

EcoSwitch - reduce energy this ChristmasHave you considered giving an EcoSwitch as a gift this Christmas? Not only is it a unique and practical present, it will also save the recipient money throughout the year in reduced electricity bills. In many ways, an EcoSwitch can be considered as the gift that keeps giving – both to the planet and the lucky owner!

Here are our top 20 reasons for giving…

1) Avoid stress – an EcoSwitch makes a great present for those ‘difficult to buy for’ people.

2) For the person who has everything, you can never have too many EcoSwitches. The second is just as useful as the first!

3) It’s a practical gift for older members of the family, who often struggle to reach power points on the wall.

4) A single EcoSwitch will reduce the impact of all those new energy-sucking gadgets people get given.

5) Forget hankies and undies – give Dad a gift he really could use this Christmas. The EcoSwitch makes a great addition to a shed or workshop filled with power tools.

6) An EcoSwitch fits perfectly into a stocking.

7) At only $19.95, it’s very affordable.

8) Avoid standby seepage by using an EcoSwitch to switch your Christmas tree lights on and off.

9) If we have a heatwave this Christmas, use an EcoSwitch to turn fans on and off without getting out of bed.

10) You can start using it on Christmas Day – no batteries required!

11) If you’re taking a break over Christmas, why not use an EcoSwitch to switch off standby power for those easy-to-forget appliances (fridges, phones, coffee machines, microwaves, washing machines etc).

12) Avoid a bump to the head reaching power points behind furniture after a merry Christmas dinner.

13) The green glowing switch will remind you to switch off regardless of the number of glasses of wine consumed.

14) The average household can save over $120 per year on their electricity bill.

15) Help your family and friends substantially reduce their carbon footprint.

16) Reduce the risk of fire in the home. An EcoSwitch turns your connected devices off 100% thereby reducing the risk of fire caused by any electrical surges or by appliances overheating.

17) With minimal and eco-friendly packaging, unnecessary waste is reduced.

18) Highly unlikely to be ‘re-gifted’ – the EcoSwitch is loved by most people who have one.

19) Avoid yet another unwanted remote control.

20) You still have time to get one before Christmas! Order now and your EcoSwitch will arrive within days…