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Energy saving devices for the home and office

 EcoSwitch - an energy saving deviceThe solution to the question of how to conserve energy and how to improve environmental conditions on a global scale isn’t going to come from one government or one person. It’s going to involve everyone, each of us doing our small part to try to make the world a more efficient and better place.

It’s important, however, to keep in mind that not everyone in the world is cut out to be an activist – but it’s also important to remember that it’s a not an either/or situation. There’s plenty that you can do in your own home, today, that will contribute to making the world a more efficient and liveable planet. To get you started, here are five energy saving devices you can install in your home or office with minimal cost or effort that will make your house more energy-efficient and greener than it was yesterday.

Energy saving devices for the home

Smart Thermostat. These nifty devices replace your standard thermostat and not only offer you the ability to control the temperature settings remotely, often from your mobile phone, but ‘learn’ your habits and preferences and adjust automatically over time. This means that after a few weeks of use the smart thermostat will automatically turn the heat down to a comfortable level at night, then warm the place up – or cool it off – in the morning as you get out of bed. Plus, if you leave for a trip you can change your settings, even if you don’t remember to do so until you’re at the airport!

EcoSwitch. Everywhere in your home there are devices and appliances that are sipping power from your outlets, even when they are turned off. Your microwave, television, computer – almost everything! Although you may think they’ve been powered down, really they’re just in standby power mode. To stop this energy theft, you have to turn them off at the wall, which can be a real pain. An EcoSwitch is the ideal solution – flick one switch, and everything plugged into one power strip turns off properly, saving energy and money.

Energy saving devices for your office

Solar Charger. You have devices like mobiles or tablets that need charging. The sun has tons of energy. Has it really taken this long for these two concepts to get together? A solar charger will top off your batteries without drawing on the electrical grid. Even better: they’re mobile, so you can bring them with you when you travel and keep your phone charged even out in the wilderness.

Smart Plug. If the Solar Charger isn’t an option or you just have some rainy days, a Smart Plug is a great idea for charging your devices. Phones and computers generally charge in a few hours, yet we leave them plugged in sucking up energy all night long. The smart plug shuts off the power when your device is charged; saving untold amounts of electricity over the long haul. Again, this is something you can take with you when you travel, ensuring you’ll be as energy efficient on the road as you are at home.

Energy saving devices for the kitchen

Smart Kettle. Everybody enjoys a cup of tea or cocoa from time to time, but the kettle hasn’t been redesigned in centuries – until now. Designed to heat just the water you need, smart kettles are about 30% more efficient in terms of both energy and water usage. The clever designs allow you to specify exactly what you’re heating the water for, whether it’s a cup of tea for yourself or a pot of coffee for everyone, and it heats precisely what’s needed, so there’s no lukewarm water left in the kettle afterwards.

Some of these energy saving devices are small steps and don’t have a huge impact directly. But when you imagine using them every day over the course of years, their impact becomes staggering. The amount of energy wasted every year by inefficient power usage, appliances on standby, and heating and cooling systems designed in a bygone age is truly enormous. But a few small steps taken by individual home-owners can have a real impact, with very little effort.