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Energy saving devices: all the small things

Energy saving water bottlesVery few people want to actively destroy the world. Oh, a few Mad Scientists and James Bond Villains, certainly, but your average person has no desire to make things worse. The problem is that most people think about saving energy and being more environmentally aware in terms of massive effort. They know the world is suffering from an energy crisis and that their own actions are contributing to the problem, but the solutions seem so dire, involving major renovations on their homes, major concessions in the car they drive, and a major loss of fun in their everyday lives.

As simple as a switch

The fact is, there are many ways that just about anyone can reduce their personal carbon footprint and energy consumption without sacrificing anything in terms of their lifestyle. There are a plethora of energy saving devices and energy saving products that can be substituted for more traditional versions and have a great cumulative impact on anyone’s energy footprint. Using something like the EcoSwitch to eliminate standby power ‘vampires’ in the home is one great example: None of the appliances or devices you love are removed, nor is their function changed in any way, but by using a certain type of power switch you reduce the amount of energy you personally consume by a great measure.

Another way to save power in your home without making any changes at all to the way you like to live is to simply be smarter when you shop. Buying new appliances or devices like TVs is an opportunity to research the energy consumption and ‘green’ features available and purchase a model that has the features and performance you want but also has built-in power-saving capabilities. When combined with a standby power switch a brand-new device can have something akin to energy-saving superpowers.

Other energy saving ideas

The possibilities go far beyond standby power, though. A little creative thinking suggests even the way we drink our water can contribute to the fight to converse energy and resources. Buying bottled water in plastic bottles is one of the most wasteful practices in the modern world. The plastic used for these bottles takes tremendous amount of energy to create and form, and then becomes a burden after use when it is discarded and must be disposed of. Some people think that by washing out a water bottle and re-using it they are solving the problem, but the plastic used in most water bottles is not ideal for re-use; the plastic is very difficult to clean effectively, making them perfect candidates for bacteria that can sicken a person, and it also breaks down quickly under heat and stress, so a dishwasher is no solution to the problem.

But an energy- and environmentally-concerned person can instead switch to stainless steel drink bottles instead of plastic. Stainless steel is ideal as it is non-reactive, so it requires no coating that can leach dangerous chemicals into water, and is easily cleaned on a regular basis. A single stainless steel water bottle can save tremendous amounts of energy and resources over it lifetime.

Almost every area of modern life is ripe for energy saving ideas. Solar-powered or crank-powered radios, lanterns, and torches offer the same capabilities without the wasteful use of disposable batteries or even electricity from the outlet. There are even free energy saving products available for the asking, ranging from low-power light bulbs to low-flow shower-heads to fireplace plugs, offered for free from various programs. With zero investment and very little effort in terms of lifestyle change, these products can make your whole life much more energy efficient and environmentally friendly with very little effort.

In the end, it isn’t going to be big, grand gestures that require a lot of uncomfortable adjustments that make the difference – it’s going to be an accumulation of smaller efforts that have almost no impact on everyday life. One of the worst misconceptions about a more energy- and environmentally-aware lifestyle is that it will require jettisoning all comfort and enjoyment in favour of a stern and joyless lifestyle, but this is absolutely not the case. Tiny changes in the things we buy and use every day can add up to a huge impact, without any negative side effects.