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Fundraising with the EcoSwitch

Reduce energy with EcoSwitch
I think we can all agree that fundraising, whether for charity, for your school, or your organisation, has hit the doldrums. To be fair, there are only so many ideas out there, and fundraising efforts have to be simple and cheap to run or else they don’t actually accomplish their stated goal. If your bills after running the event are more than the money you brought in, it’s all been for nothing. No wonder most people are afraid to be creative when it comes to their fundraising efforts – best to play it safe and count on people’s better nature to convince them to donate or purchase something even if it is the same old baked goods or screen-printed T-shirts!

EcoSwitch to the rescue

It doesn’t have to be this way, though. Why not consider selling the EcoSwitch at your next fundraiser? A high-quality product that comes to you at a very attractive discount ensuring good profits, has a high-profile thanks to constant discussion in the media, helps the environment and contributes towards world-wide energy efficiency, and also saves people money? In other words, instead of selling things people don’t want or need, why not sell something the whole world needs, and which directly benefits the people who buy them?

The perfect premium

The advantages of reselling the EcoSwitch for your next fundraising event are numerous.

  • First and foremost, it’s simple: Contact us and we’ll help you figure everything out.
  • Second, it makes financial sense: we can offer you a discount that guarantees you’ll make a healthy profit on each unit sold, and the EcoSwitch is ideal for bundling – most people need more than one.
  • Finally, and probably most persuasively, you’ll be offering people a product that will not only make them part of the global solution for energy savings (which is by itself a powerful pitch), but also saves them money by reducing power consumption in their home.

Ask yourself: How many fundraisers offer something that will save their target audience money while raising some for itself?

We’re here to help

Not only are we happy to help you plan and stock your next fundraiser with our unique and useful product, we’re also happy to offer materials that can help you advertise and organise your event. Rallying your community not only around your organisation or group but also around environmental concerns and energy saving products will help to get your message out above the noise and get noticed.

We’ll ship your EcoSwitches anywhere in Australia for free, so you don’t have to sacrifice any potential profits on the units you order. We also offer downloadable flyers that clearly list the benefits and possibilities of using an EcoSwitch in your home to eliminate standby power, flyers that show how and where to use the EcoSwitch for best effect, and downloadable SWITCH OFF signs that you can post around your event to get the message across (and of course hand out to people to take with them).

Our discounts are deep enough to make the margins very high at the Recommended Retail Price of $19.95, and the EcoSwitch is well-established, having received a 4-star review from Choice Magazine and having been a finalist at the Next Big Thing awards – meaning half your promotion work has already been done for you.


Finally, the huge advantage the EcoSwitch has over other fundraising products is its appeal. Young, old, from all walks of life – everyone can appreciate the EcoSwitch. Whether it’s from environmental concerns – very big with the younger crowd these days – or simply the appeal of saving significantly on your energy costs, this product is something just about everyone is interested in, making selling them as simple as making them available. As the average order is three units, it’s likely your profits will be higher than if you were selling singular items.

So the next time you organise a fundraiser, why not make it do double duty as an awareness-raising event for the environment and the issue of wasted energy in our homes? It’s a win-win for everyone involved – you, the people who attend your event, and the environment!

Contact us now and we’ll help you plan and stock your next fundraiser

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