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Rod Sheppard wins 2013 Energy Efficiency All Star award

Energy efficiency recognitionRod Sheppard, founder and CEO of Carbon Reduction Industries, has been recognised as one of the ‘unsung heroes’ of the clean energy sector by being named the Australian Alliance to Save Energy’s Energy Efficiency All Star for 2013. The A2SE All-Star Awards are held annually to recognise and praise those who have had a ‘significant energy saving impact’ in either domestic, business, or government sectors.

Rod Sheppard recognised as energy-efficiency ‘all star’ for his innovation in the clean energy market.

The prestigious A2SE All Start Awards, which seek to recognise the ‘unsung heroes’ of the clean energy sector, were announced in late February 2013. Rod Sheppard, Founder and CEO of Carbon Reduction Industries (famous for their innovative product, the EcoSwitch) was named Energy Efficiency All Star Winner for this year.

Sydney, March 1, 2013. The Australian Alliance to Save Energy (A2SE) announced the winners of its annual All-Star Awards, recognising stellar achievement in the field of energy-efficiency. Winners were announced in four categories: Energy Efficiency, Peak Demand Management, and Distributed Generation, and the Rising Star Award. All nominees represented individuals who have had a significant impact on the energy saving sector in businesses, households, or governments, and winners represent the most dynamic and innovative players in the energy-saving sector.

Rod Sheppard, founder of Carbon Reduction Industries, was recognised for his passion and work in this important field by being named the winner of this year’s A2SE All Star Aware in the category or Energy Efficiency. As creator of the EcoSwitch ( Rod has contributed directly to the reduction of standby power (so-called ‘vampire power’) in households, businesses, and governmental and educational institutions around Australia. The EcoSwitch’s particular brilliance lies in its ability to easily reduce power consumption as well as electricity bills for both individuals and organisations through the simple act of running appliances through a single switch that cuts off power sippage with one push of a button.

The EcoSwitch as a product has been recognised for the power of the concept behind it, its ability to demonstrate real-life benefits in both energy saving and the reduction of expenses related to standby power drain, and its overall quality and return on investment. Rod, however, has remained an ‘unsung hero’ of the energy saving sector – exactly the type of innovative and dedicated individual the A2SE All Star Awards were created to identify and celebrate.

The Second Annual A2SE All Star Awards drew nominations from other leaders and innovators in the energy-saving sector, who supplied not just suggested names but also supporting documents and information. These were reviewed by a panel of expert judges who deliberated and decided who to recognise for their contribution to energy efficiency and decentralised energy in each category. Previous winners of All Star Awards were not eligible this year. The other winners were Mark Lendich (Energex), Peak Demand Management All Star; Ric Brazzale (Green Energy Trading), Distributed Generation All Star; Jarra Hicks and Nicky Ison (Community Power Agency), Joint Rising Stars. The awards ceremony was held at the Novotel Sydney Brighton Beach from February 27 to March 1, 2013.