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EcoSwitch rated by Choice magazine

Use an EcoSwitch to eliminate standby power

It can be difficult, sometimes, to figure out who’s telling the truth in the marketplace and who’s just trying to sell you something at any price. After all, not everything that’s for sale really works as advertised or as well as claimed, and we’ve all had the unfortunate experience of falling for some well-done patter and being separated from our money for little gain.

Luckily, in Australia we have Choice – The People’s Watchdog, which offers up reliable and independent reviews of products so that we can make up our own minds and shop with an educated eye. That’s why we were extremely excited to see the EcoSwitch reviewed in Choice – because we knew they would recognise the inherent value and quality in the product, the simple logic of its power saving benefits, and the cumulative environmental benefits the product offers. And sure enough, Choice saw it all, clearly, with a rave four star review.

Save money and save energy

Choice’s overall takeaway: ‘Ecoswitch is a relatively cheap and simple product that can help you save money and energy.’ Naturally, we agree wholeheartedly and it’s gratifying to see your own convictions mirrored in an objective and rigorous review like this.

Of course, no one gets through a review in Choice too easily; they considered all angles of the product, noting that the light built into the EcoSwitch in order to make it easier to find in the dark actually does exactly what we’re fighting against – pull power from the wall at all times! While we admit that having a device that allows you to turn it off at the wall doesn’t give you any way to turn it off at the wall is kind of funny, Choice goes on to note that they measured the amount of power this tiny light draws and concluded it was insignificant compared to the amount of power the EcoSwitch can save you. Whew!

Choice also noted one of the benefits of the EcoSwitch we ourselves sometimes forget to go on (and on) about: it makes it a lot easier to turn things off. Instead of having to reach around the back or struggle with a million wires every time, our power saving product makes it as simple as hitting a single switch to turn off any number of devices. That adds convenience to the long list of EcoSwitch benefits, which include the ability to eliminate standby power, reduce electricity and lower bills.

Personal responsibility

What’s really interesting about this rave review is the point that Choice makes about personal responsibility: the EcoSwitch isn’t a device that does the work for you. It makes the work of saving power easier, yes, but you still have to actually use the EcoSwitch. You have to set it up wherever you can benefit from being able to turn it off at the wall, and then you have to actually hit that switch every night when you’re done using your appliances and devices. If you don’t bother to actually hit the switch, then it doesn’t really matter how many EcoSwitches you set up, or how many appliances you attach to it – it won’t do you any good. It’s an excellent point.

We think it’s safe to assume, though, that the people who purchase an EcoSwitch are already concerned about standby energy and their personal carbon footprint. Our customers are already conscious about the predicament the world finds itself in and are already committed to being a part of the solution, and so have the motivation to put in the work required. Plus, we’re confident that once people see the impact the EcoSwitch has on their electricity bills, they won’t need any reminding to use it.

We can understand a healthy scepticism when people tout their own products as useful and beneficial to both your personal household as well as the world at large. That’s why we’re so proud to have appeared in the hallowed pages of Choice, with a four star review no less – because it’s an objective opinion that recognises the brilliance of a simple idea.

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