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Switch off: automatically green with the EcoSwitch

Use an EcoSwitch to eliminate standby powerYou don’t fully appreciate how complex a modern house is until you own one. While renting, so much of the infrastructure of your shelter goes unnoticed (at least until it breaks down and you have to call the landlord), but the moment we buy our first home it starts to dawn on you: a modern house is a complex creature, with electrical and plumbing hidden in the walls like veins and many materials bonded together and working in concert under the roof. If you think about it for a moment, even when you are standing in the dark at night, with everything off and silent, your home is still humming with energy and technology. It’s a short jump to thinking about how much of that energy is wasted.

Making the move to a greener home

We haven’t yet arrived at the future so often depicted in science fiction novels and films, with flying cars and intelligent houses that can regulate themselves – but at least in terms of the latter, we’re getting closer. More and more people are seeking ways to save energy and do their part for the environment, and as a result more and more people are seeking ways to truly switch off appliances and devices that unnecessarily suck power from the wall even when turned off, from simply lamps to the digital TV hanging on the wall.

Standby power eliminators such as an EcoSwitch are a great place to start, and can have a huge impact on the amount of energy your house uses on a constant basis. The EcoSwitch is an exciting example of the many exciting new technologies that can be brought to bear on the problem of making your home smarter. These new technologies not only mean making the move to energy efficiency will be more effective, they also mean that energy efficiency can be easy.

The smart house

The EcoSwitch is a technology that gives you more control over your house by giving you the power to truly switch off your devices. The EcoSwitch plugs into the wall, and then other devices are plugged into it. It’s well known that many appliances and devices sip electricity from the grid even when they appear to be off and dormant. This power use goes on without your knowledge or permission, meaning your house is sort of plotting against you, scheming to raise your utility bills during the night while you sleep. The EcoSwitch stops this from happening and lets you take control. If you use an iPad as your main mobile device you may be used to its seemingly endless battery life, but your TV hanging on the wall isn’t the same technology. It’s always drawing power, and as a result it’s wasting energy and costing you money. It’s a conspiracy, really: Your house and your possessions are robbing you blind. The EcoSwitch is your defence.

The EcoSwitch has a lot of advantages. First of all, it’s scalable, meaning you can deploy as many or as few of them as you need. You can start small and scale up over time if your budget is tight, or go all out and install them everywhere. Second, you have full control over what devices or appliances are using the energy you’re paying for – you can choose to starve the digital TV for a while when asleep or away from home to save power and money – it’s your choice.

The fact is, we’re all moving into a bold new age where we’re all directly responsible for the future. In the past the fact that your appliances were designed to inefficiently draw power all the time for no good reason was beyond your control. You couldn’t be expected to do much about it. But today a simple, inexpensive product like the EcoSwitch transfers that decision to you. It doesn’t matter that the maker of your digital TV thinks it vital that it turn on instantly when you press the button because it’s been keeping warm on a constant electricity drip. You can now make that decision for yourself.

While this sort of control may someday soon become a standard feature for new devices, for the moment we have to add it in ourselves. The EcoSwitch and similar devices give us control over our energy footprint we simply did not have previously – opening the door to a more energy efficient and environmentally-friendly age.