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The sum of the parts of your environmental impact

Reduce energy and save moneyToday everybody is seeking ways to reduce energy consumption and their environmental impact on the world we share. Some people feel overwhelmed by the enormity of the problem, and become convinced that only large-scale initiatives driven by governments and large organisations can make any kind of real change when it comes to being energy efficient and ‘green.’ But this simply isn’t true – even the smallest changes in our everyday living can add up to huge benefits for the climate and the future of our energy sources, if they are enacted on a global scale.

Energy saving tips for everyone

It’s vital that people feel empowered – a small adjustment in how you live, multiplied over the span of your country and then the world, can make a real dent in both our power consumption and the damage being done to the environment as a result. In fact, there are hundreds of ideas that anyone can do today, with very little effort or expense, that can make a difference. Here are five of our favourites: Pick one and implement it in your own life, and then encourage others to do the same.

Five easy ways to reduce energy consumption

1. Change Your Light Bulbs. This is the ultimate ‘small gesture’ that can become huge if leveraged on a global scale. Old-style incandescent bulbs are incredibly inefficient and give off more energy in the form of heat than light. They don’t last long, and as a result eat up resources in their manufacturing and clog our landfills when they burn out. A Compact Fluorescent (CFL) bulb on the other hand runs cool, gives off just as much light, uses less electricity and lasts much longer – reducing your impact across the board.

2. Install a Standby Switch. Your house is a power vampire, constantly sipping power from the grid because your appliances and devices think they need it. By installing a standby power switch (like the EcoSwitch), you can eliminate standby power in your home and reduce the amount of energy you use on a daily basis. The total amount saved is small but measurable, and not only will you save money on your electricity bills, but if extrapolated around the world the impact could be huge.

3. Shop Locally. This is one of the simplest measures anyone can take almost without changing any aspect of their lifestyle. The food you purchase at your local supermarket is typically trucked in from remote locations. That means that every apple you eat and every sandwich you make has a carbon footprint attached based on the energy it took to harvest, transport, and stock. Purchasing locally-grown produce eliminates the truck, and saves energy.

4. Go Digital. Are you still getting paper statements in the mail for your bank accounts, credit cards, and investments? Switch to a digital or online statement and you eliminate not only the resources involved in making the paper and ink, but the transportation costs. Plus, you won’t have to store mounds of paper in your home!

5. Use a Rain Barrel. If you have a lawn or garden that you’re maintaining and watering from a hose, you’re using energy every day that you don’t need to. A rain barrel is a simple, passive system of collecting the water that comes down naturally on you a few times a month, which can then be used to water plants, clean pavers, or wash your car – all without costing the world a dime or a kilowatt.

None of these techniques – or the hundreds of others (see one list here: by themselves solves anything. But if millions of us around the globe did as many as we could, our lives would be no less comfortable, but our combined impact would be enormous!

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