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6 reasons to buy an EcoSwitch

Use an EcoSwitch to eliminate standby powerAll too often when we discuss devices like the EcoSwitch, it’s in the larger context of environmental concern or a discussion about the ongoing energy crisis and how to make our global resources stretch. This makes sense, of course, but you don’t have to lay awake at night worrying about the globe in order to consider using an EcoSwitch to eliminate standby power – all you need is some common sense! Because the EcoSwitch has a lot of advantages that matter – or should matter – to you, regardless of your level of global consciousness.

First and Foremost: It’s Easy!

There are few things in this world that have the impact and power of the EcoSwitch without requiring an advanced degree in physics or at minimum a license to do electrical work. The EcoSwitch has the lowest barrier to installation known to man: Plug it in, plug other things into it, and you’re done!

If you want, double-sided tape is supplied to make wall mounting simple no matter how tool-challenged you are, and every EcoSwitch has a slot on the back for a screw or hook if you prefer. Unplug, plug, hang – and you’re saving money, energy, and gaining control and convenience.

Save Power!

The EcoSwitch is a standby power saver because it allows you to easily ‘turn it off at the wall.’ Your appliances and devices all continuously sip power from your wall outlets even when you’ve switched them off, draining resources for (usually) no good reason. The EcoSwitch stops this wasteful practice with one easy press of a button.

Save Money!

Perhaps reduced electricity bills are the driving force behind your desire to decrease your personal carbon footprint and energy use? Using an EcoSwitch to eliminate standby power will reduce electricity use overall, resulting in real savings on your bill. Appliances like refrigerators, televisions, and even your oven all use power these days to maintain internal settings and the like. Turning them off when not in use will slash your electricity consumption by over 10% a year.

Gain Convenience!

Okay, so you’re not impressed with saving money and energy? Luckily, the EcoSwitch has a few more tricks up its sleeve – like convenience. Not only does it allow you to turn off a lot of things with one simple press of a button, but it also allows you to turn them all on in the same way.

You can also use the EcoSwitch to bring the on/off switch of something out of reach right next to you. Use it to control floor and table lamps in a bedroom with out getting up, or to turn TV and stereo equipment off and on without moving. Or if you suffer from the common problem of having heavy furniture blocking your wall outlets in a room, running an EcoSwitch from outlet to a more reachable location solves the problem nicely.

Consider hot nights when you want to cool down a room when you go to bed, but then wake up shivering in the middle of the night – now imagine being able to turn heaters and air conditioners on and off with the jab of a sleepy finger!

Gain Control!

You might want to consider using an EcoSwitch to obscure the power buttons of things you don’t want touched. Do you hate it when neighbours, family, or friends bring their children over to your house and they immediately turn on the TV, the stereo, the computer – changing settings and wreaking havoc with your DVD collection? Run everything through an EcoSwitch and hide that EcoSwitch in a cabinet or behind the TV, and nothing turns on without your say-so.

It’s Affordable!

At just $19.95, the EcoSwitch pays for itself almost immediately, with an average household saving at least $120 a year by eliminating standby power in the home.

The EcoSwitch is a powerful tool that has as many uses as you can think of. The good news is that while you’re being creative, the EcoSwitch is saving you money and reducing your environmental impact. There aren’t many products out there that make you a better global citizen without any effort on your part, and the EcoSwitch leads that category by a mile – buy one today and say bye bye to standby!