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7 Unusual uses for an EcoSwitch

Use an EcoSwitch to eliminate standby powerThe EcoSwitch offers a simple solution to save power and reduce your electricity bill each month. With the EcoSwitch, you can simplify your life and create instant access to turn any device on or off from an easy to reach switch. While energy savings are often the first thing people notice when using an EcoSwitch, there are plenty of other amazing benefits with this product. Here are 7 unusual uses for the EcoSwitch that might surprise you.

1. Remind Employees to Power Down

Have you ever strolled into your office in the morning only to find dozens of appliances, computers, and electronics left on by forgetful employees? It can be endlessly frustrating to see careless employees wasting the company’s money by running up the electricity bill. Now, you can eliminate the hassle and make it easy for employees to remember to power down.

When you connect the EcoSwitch to your office devices, the green light will be an obvious reminder for employees to turn everything off before they leave. By using the convenient standby power switch, you can centralise the power supply for each workstation in one place. Then when each person leaves for the day, it becomes quick and easy to turn everything off in one go and eliminate standby power wastage.

2. Eliminate Unnecessary Injuries

When you have to move furniture, crawl under tables, or bend at awkward angles to reach a power cord, injury is almost inevitable. When you start using the EcoSwitch, you can put it in a spot that is easy to access. Just imagine how much easier it will be to turn your appliances off!

3. Stop Hunting for Your Chargers

It seems like almost everything comes with a charger cord these days. Just think of the list of items you have to recharge each day: phones, MP3 players, cameras, laptops, GPS systems, tablets, and even kids’ toys. When you are vigilant about trying to save power, you unplug these chargers after each use. As a result, you are often searching for the right charger for your device and untangling a mess of cables every time you go to your charging station.

The EcoSwitch solves this problem. Now you can keep your chargers plugged into the outlets, but hook the whole thing up to your EcoSwitch. When you aren’t charging a device, just shut off the power completely with a simple flick of the switch.

4. No More Getting Out of Bed to Power Down

Have you ever woken in the middle of the night, only to realize that your spouse fell asleep reading and left a lamp on? Maybe you dozed off watching television and you wake up to see the flickering TV taunting you from across the room. Instead of stumbling out of your warm bed to turn off lights or power down the TV, you can flip off the EcoSwitch on your bedside table and go right back to sleep.

5. Monitor Children’s Electronics Use

Are your kids turning into couch potatoes? If you have a difficult time controlling how much time they spend watching TV or playing video games, hook everything up to an EcoSwitch and place it somewhere out of sight. When you want them to head outside or find entertainment without electronics, just flip the switch and no matter how many times they press ‘power’, the electronics will remain off.

6. Regulate Night Time Temperatures

If your sweetheart likes the bed toasty warm at night, but you prefer the room to stay cool, you can end the battle by using an EcoSwitch to regulate night time temperatures with ease. Once your loved one dozes off, reach over and flip the switch to turn off the electric blanket. Even better, hook your ceiling fan to the EcoSwitch and you can flip it on and instantly enjoy a nice breeze to help you drift off to sleep.

7. Remind Your Teen to Power Down

It’s not uncommon for teenagers to fall asleep listening to music or watching TV. If you are tired of reminding your teen to shut things off, mount a couple of EcoSwitches by their bed. The green lights will be a great little reminder to turn off the switches and power down before sleeping.

The EcoSwitch will help you save energy, but the standby power switch will be useful in plenty of other ways too.