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The smartest, simplest and easiest way to help reduce your power bill!

About Us

About Us

Both EcoSwitch® and its parent company Carbon Reduction Industries Pty Ltd are proudly 100% Australian owned and operated. At CRI, we are dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of all our business divisions, our everyday personal activities and that of the world at large.

ecofriendly ecoswitch®If travel is essential, we offset all our flights and vehicle use. With many of our staff working from home anyway they also enjoy greater work-time flexibility and improved lifestyle options.

We use only 100% new renewable electricity.

All our products’ packaging is 100% recycled and 100% recyclable.

Our staff incentive schemes support environmentally and socially responsible causes.

More noticeably however, we are recognised for our innovation:

  • our EcoSwitch® Easy Reach Power Switch was one of the Top 5 People’s Choice Award winners for the entire year on ABC TV’s ‘The New Inventors’ program in 2007 after having won its episode
  • the EcoSwitch® Easy Reach Power Switch has been rated 4 Stars by the respected consumer watchdog Choice Magazine
  • The EcoSwitch® was voted Winner of the 2012 Green Lifestyle Awards in the ‘Home – Energy Saving’ category
  • a finalist at ‘The Next Big Thing Awards’ in 2009
  • a Smart 100 Finalist

“With deep environmental sustainability and true social responsibility at the core of our decision-making, we design and commercialise innovative solutions that exclusively either increase safety and/or reduce pollution.”

For further information about Carbon Reduction Industries Pty Ltd and our expanding range of EcoSwitch® branded products please contact us. Better still, also sign up to our newsletter for all the latest.