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Energy Saving Case Studies

Energy Saving Case Studies

Monash University

During 2012 Monash University Clayton Victoria conducted a two month pilot study to determine the cost-effectiveness of installing EcoSwitches across thousands of their workstations. Under this trial Monash recorded an average of 30% energy reductions with just one EcoSwitch® installed per desk.  Read more…

PACT IT Solutions

PACT IT Solutions is an IT service provider for small to medium business clients. They decided to save energy in their office by using EcoSwitches to eliminate standby power. Around $220 worth of wasted electricity was saved per workstation system per year – a return on investment of about 1 month. Read more…


With decades of experience – and as Victoria’s leading installer of ‘automatic’ standby power controllers into households under the VEET program – EcoVantage certainly know what actually works when it comes to controlling standby power. And they know what doesn’t. So  it’s no surprise that when it came to their own offices and their own work-stations EcoVantage instead chose to install handy and uncomplicated EcoSwitches. This is a recommendation of the very highest order.

“We saw the EcoSwitch on the New Inventors and thought it would be a great tool to use in our business and for our customers.  EcoVantage assists individuals and businesses to reduce energy.  We resell the EcoSwitch to our customers and also use them in our offices – most of our work stations have an EcoSwitch installed.  While there are other energy saving devices on the market, we chose the EcoSwitch for our office as it is less expensive and easier to use than other devices.  We’re very pleased with our choice.”


EnviroRisk Management

EnviroRisk Management is an environmental consulting firm that assists organisations to improve business sustainability. Beyond simply saving money, they have found additional value using the EcoSwitch® as a marketing tool. 

“After being in environmental consulting for many years, we found it really difficult to find something new to send to clients.  We chose the EcoSwitch to give to clients as it is an Australian designed product, it’s inexpensive, and easy to post.  EnviroRisk Management even use the EcoSwitch as a marketing tool and brand the device with our website address, making sure our clients don’t forget us!  We also give away the EcoSwitch at tradeshows. We use the EcoSwitch at the EnviroRisk Management office, with feedback from staff that the glowing switch is a great reminder that office appliances are still on, and that it is handy to turn everything off at once.”



SEE-Change is a community-based sustainability-focused action group, Compared to the competition SEE-Change prefer the EcoSwitch® due to its reliability and its being without complications.

“We, SEE-Change, bought EcoSwitches to onsell to members of the community interested in reducing their electrical consumption and thereby reducing their carbon footprint and energy cost. SEE-Change chose the EcoSwitch over competitor products as we think the good design and construction means the product reliability will be high. It is a durable product, does not need a remote control to use and lose, and doesn’t need batteries.  Read more…


Government Department – Environmental

“Our government department purchased the EcoSwitch for an internal sustainability program that focused on reducing standby power in our offices. Connecting the EcoSwitch to employees’ workstations meant that they were able to easily turn off their PCs without having to climb under desks or move furniture. Around 400 staff have participated in the program and many have mentioned that they wanted an EcoSwitch to use at home!”


Orange Credit Union

“We have recently installed around 40 EcoSwitches  at workstations throughout  our Branch. Beforehand we used a power meter to measure standby power at a workstation, and now expect to save around 10% of our electricity usage per annum,  which will be a significant saving for us. In fact our staff were so impressed with this initiative, quite a few pooled their money together to buy Eco Switches for use in their own home.” Deanne Wilton, Retail Support Officer, Orange Credit Union.