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Energy Saving Case Studies

Why SEE-Change chose EcoSwitch to reduce energy

SEE-Change is a community, not-for-profit organisation that aims to inspire, inform and support personal and community action to reduce Canberra’s ecological footprint.

“We, SEE-Change, bought EcoSwitches to onsell to members of the community interested in reducing their electrical consumption and thereby reducing their carbon footprint and energy cost. It’s a good way of raising money to support our energy saving presentations and tours and using an Ecoswitch is the perfect example of how to achieve some of that saving. It’s also better for you than fund raiser chocolates! We sell EcoSwitches at community fairs, our workshops, lectures and ‘Over the Back Fence Tours’ and we take them out when we visit commercial buildings.

SEE-Change chose EcoSwitch over competitor products as we think the good design and construction means the product reliability will be high. It is a durable product, does not need a remote control to use and lose, and doesn’t need batteries. It’s easy to use too – we showed an Ecoswitch to a 6 year old and he figured out how to use it! Some of our SEE-Change members also bought a number of Ecoswitches to give as gifts for Christmas. Members of our committee are also using EcoSwitches in their home offices. We’re happy to recommend them to anyone.”