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EcoSwitch Product Review

EcoSwitch Product Review

Reviewed by: Family Deal Friday


The EcoSwitch was presented in its original box within a satchel.


No written instructions were provided however pictures were displayed on the back of the box to display its uses.

Suitable for:

Anyone wanting to save money on their electricity bill!

Quality of materials:

Materials were typical of an electronic device and it so far has survived being accidentally stood on by my husband and dropped on a wooden floor from the table by accident.

Value for money:

The price of $19.95 is very reasonable in comparison to how much money it will save from not having appliances on standby. I could not find any other items to compare to this in price.

Would you recommend this product and business to others?

I would highly recommend this product to others as it makes it so much easier to turn all the appliances off standby without having to move furniture, especially in those hard to reach spots. It definitely saves a great deal of effort and money and has also saved the need to reset these appliances every time they are turned off standby.


The EcoSwitch is currently connected to the television, stereo and DVD player power board. It has made it easy to switch off these appliances that would normally require resetting each time they are turned off at the power source. It is also relatively simple to use by just plugging into the wall and then plugging the power board into it. The easy to flick switch makes it simple to turn off all these appliances at the one time. Hoping to try it out on my computer soon also!

Date of Review: 10th April 2013