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The smartest, simplest and easiest way to help reduce your power bill!

Eliminate standby and cut power usage by at least 10%

Eliminate standby and cut power usage by at least 10%

Eliminate standby power in the officeDid you know that one of the largest contributors of energy consumption in a typical business are computers and peripherals that are left on overnight?  By eliminating this standby power wastage, you could save your business over 10% p.a. on electricity.

The easiest way to ensure all appliances are switched off when not in use, is to install an EcoSwitch at each workstation or device ‘hub’. The glowing green switch not only reminds employees when devices are connected to power, but also makes it easy to switch them off with just one click.

By adopting this simple solution, Monash University managed to reduce their energy consumption by a whopping 30%. Read…

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Buy 3 or more EcoSwitches and save 30%

Simply enter the coupon code ‘SME30’ on the cart page to receive a discount of 30% on any order of 3 or more EcoSwitches. Be quick – offer valid for this month only!


“Hi Ecoswitch! Just wanted to let you know we received our electricity bill yesterday and it was $100 less than the previous bills. We started using the ecoswitches at the beginning of April and it’s the only reason why our bill would have been less! Thanks :)”

Natalie S.
Posted on EcoSwitch’s Facebook Wall 13/6/12


“I have used both your ecoswitch and the remote controlled switch supplied under the now defunct Queensland Government Climate Smart Home Service, and that your physical switch is more convienient, simpler, more likely to actually get used, draws zero standby power, and hence is more effective. ”

Matthew M.
By email on 31/10/12