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Fund Raiser Options

Fund Raiser Options

We understand that everyone has different needs. For that reason we want to offer YOU the choice of how YOU want to make money for your organisation ...

Choose the method best suited to you and your people:

Plan A: Recommended. This plan involves the least work, the easiest sell and the greatest return. Our most popular plan!

Plan B: If you’re a FR seeking the lowest level of commitment this plan is for you.

Plan C: With no cash outlay by the FR, this plan is ideal for those with a few more administative resources. You choose which pre-commitment payment types to accept and how you will aggregate them into one outward payment. Plenty of opportunity here for creative campaigns.

Plan D: Assistance of the school is required because the fund raising is run through them. Not as lucrative a Plan A. Usually the same amount of work for the FR as Plan C.

Compare and choose from the different plans here:

CRI fundraising options for Fund Raisers Feb12 (PDF file 8.3KB opens in new window)

Be sure to vist this page for marketing support material to download and distribute:

Of course you can always contact us at


  • Use email, Facebook and pin brochures up wherever you can
  • Run your campaign for no more than 2-3 weeks to keep the enthusiasm high
  • Tell us what you need
  • Enjoy yourself! Remember, you are helping to save the planet too!