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GreenItYourself’s EcoSwitch Review

Eliminate standby power with EcoSwitchThe website recently asked four of its contributors to try out the EcoSwitch and to review it for their readers. Each reviewer took the EcoSwitch home with them to give it a full and thorough test. This is how they used it, how it helped, and their overall verdict.


Where the EcoSwitch was Employed

Three of the reviewers used the EcoSwitch to eliminate standby power going to their televisions and other connected devices: two in their living room and one in a sewing room. The fourth used it in his dining room for a lamp.

John used the EcoSwitch for easier access to a power source behind his TV, which also supplied electricity for a Wii and a DVD player.

Patrice utilized it in her sewing room, where a power board brought together a TV, video player and a sewing machine, located in an awkward position behind a cupboard.

Pat connected it to her entertainment system – TV, DVD, stereo, and VCR – in a place where all the family would be able to make use of it.

Mark used his in the dining room for a lamp, far removed from the power point.


Pat and Mark both commented on how the EcoSwitch was easy to use, and found the accompanying adhesive pad handy for fixing it in place.

Pat put the power switch where it was clearly visible to everyone in the room, a constant reminder for all the family to save electricity.

Mark, utilizing the EcoSwitch in his dining room, mounted the power button to the side of a china cabinet. In contrast to Pat, Mark wanted it to be out of sight from guests, yet still easily accessible. He was able to achieve this and also commented that his family, including the children, could use the switch comfortable.

John observed that the reach of the EcoSwitch, over two meters, was great enough to relocate the switch from almost any power source in his home.

The Green Light

Three of the testers commented on the green light – the on/off display on the EcoSwitch which serves as an energy saving reminder.

John commented on the green light being a slight electricity drain, but noted that this only totaled 0.3W, a meagre volume that he was happy to live with, especially when he took into account its service to him and others in the house to conserve electricity.

Aesthetics Impressions & Overall Feel

While Patrice did not like the aesthetics of the EcoSwitch, (we believe she used the term ‘clunky’!), Pat described the EcoSwitch as small, unobtrusive, and said that she did not find it unattractive.

While not commenting on its aesthetics, Mark noted that the EcoSwitch felt well built, strong, and durable.

The Verdict

The overall response to the EcoSwitch was extremely positive. All the reviewers believed it helpful for saving energy in their homes.

The main features highlighted in the reviews were the ease of the EcoSwitch’s usability – it reached where it was needed in all the homes and was simple to secure in the desired place. Also the helpfulness of the green light as a reminder to save electricity was a common response.

John, Patrice, and Pat all benefited from the EcoSwitch by eliminating standby power. Mark did not gain this benefit in his home as conventional lamps and lights do not drain any standby power when they are turned off.

John found the EcoSwitch useful for saving electricity, and while Patrice had reservations regarding the energy consumption of the green light, she also found it practical for saving energy.

Pat found the EcoSwitch useful and decided to purchase another to save standby power going to her computer, printer, and modem.

Mark was very happy with the device’s performance and said he would recommend it to others.

Thank you very much to and, in particular to John, Patrice, Pat and Mark for their time and effort in reviewing the EcoSwitch!