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Just plug in and switch on!

The smartest, simplest and easiest way to help reduce your power bill!

Buy now to save energy

Buy now to save energy


Easy Reach Power Switch

Stop wasting electricity and start saving money. Not yet in major retail stores so get yours here.

Now just $19.95 each


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EcoSwitch® 14-Pack

Easy Reach Power Switch

Save heaps buying just a few more. Excellent for gifts, to re-sell or for raising money towards your favourite cause.

Save 20% off RRP!


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Using an EcoSwitch is easy:

Download PDF

Still not sure how many EcoSwitches you might need?

No problem. Let’s start by counting how many ‘hubs of appliances’ that you have in, and around your busy life. Counted them? Good. Now we can get clever. Let’s create some new hubs. How about hubbing all those lumpy recharger packs like all your laptop, mobile phone, GPS, MP3, PS3 recharger thingos into one powerboard, yeah?

Add to this any other singular stuff that’s always been hard to reach. Coffee machine? Microwave? Spare fridge? Fish tank? Teenagers?

Teenagers rooms?

Yep, another perfect place for an EcoSwitch®. With a visual reminder from your EcoSwitch®  to turn stuff off we might just change peoples behaviour. For good. All teenager tips welcomed. Click here for one helpful 4-step tip.

Buying just one?

No fear – you’ll find plenty more uses for a few more once you get your first EcoSwitch® home. They also make excellent gifts.

Also available in cartons of  35.

Contact us for special volume rates.

Due to continual product improvement, products may vary slightly from the images depicted on this website.