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The smartest, simplest and easiest way to help reduce your power bill!

Cut your office power waste by 10-30%

Cut your office power waste by 10-30%

Save energy in the office by eliminating standby power

Did you know that one of the largest contributors of energy consumption in a typical business are computers (and especially their peripheral devices) and other office equipment that are left on overnight? By eliminating their standby power wastage, Monash University managed to reduce their energy consumption by a whopping 30% per workstation!

Read more about this Monash case study.

The easiest way to ensure all appliances are switched off when not in use, is to install an EcoSwitch at each workstation, at each stand-alone appliance or at each device ‘hub’. The glowing green switch not only reminds employees when appliances and devices are connected to power, but also makes it easy to switch them off with just one click.

Enthuse and encourage your staff with our tips below…

Buy 3 or more EcoSwitches and save 30%

Simply enter the coupon code ‘SME30′ on the cart page to receive a discount of 30% on any order of 3 or more EcoSwitches.

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Find out more about EcoSwitch and how it can help you save


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