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Standby Power

Standby Power

Most of us are becoming more aware of the need to be kinder to our planet by looking for ways to make a real difference. One way to make a major difference is by reducing our use of wasted energy. Standby power is the name given to what is perhaps the most common type of wasted energy.

Standby power is generated when equipment is switched on but in standby mode (also known as sleep mode) and thus not performing its primary function.

Leaving our printer on when we’re not printing or leaving our audio visual equipment on unattended; anything showing a little red or green light is telling us that standby power is being consumed.

Standby power is a relatively new phenomenon. Most consumer and business appliances are made in a way that they draw power 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every single week of the year. In 2002, the University of NSW calculated that standby power – wasted by households alone – was equivalent to having one million cars on the road.

This is your money and your pollution, all going up in smoke.

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