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Just plug in and switch on!

The smartest, simplest and easiest way to help reduce your power bill!



Just a few recommendations from the many who love their EcoSwitches:

Being in the energy business I am always looking for ways to reduce my power bills. Standby Power is an easy way to save hundreds on you power bills each year.  With 2 kids in the house and a million gadgets plugged in, it can be hard to ensure everything gets switched off.  The EcoSwitch has been great, plug everything into one power board and then to the EcoSwitch and it’s just one flick of a switch before bed. Even better, there is the green light that stands out so now I don’t forget.  Great product, thanks.” Julie Moore director of Save Energy Save Money by email 7/8/14

“…very simple and cost effective eco switches … solve/encourage standby power being switched off without the need for useless remotes and the like.” James S. by email 18/9/13

“Thanks so much, it arrived yesterday and is working just right :-) Great invention !!” Sandra B. by email 10/9/13

“The overall response to the EcoSwitch was extremely positive. All the reviewers believed it helpful for saving energy in their homes.” Read more about the GreenItYourself product review  30/7/13

“We purchased an EcoSwitch for a 99 year old blind lady who was having difficulty switching off the dining room heater from the power point on the wall.  This was just the thing she needed – she was able to turn it on straight away and is so thrilled that she can now sit in a heated room to have her meals and to know that she can manage this switch” Kay L. by email 30/7/13

“We have several of these around our home and they’re very helpful in getting the kids to do the right thing!!” Robert and Kara B. by letter 20/5/13

“…I have purchased 3 eco-switches.  I find them extraordinarily useful mainly because you can group everything together under one switch.” Hamish J. by email 15/4/13

“I would highly recommend this product to others as it makes it so much easier to turn all the appliances off standby without having to move furniture, especially in those hard to reach spots. It definitely saves a great deal of effort and money.” Read full product review by Family Deal Friday 10/4/13

“We love EcoSwitch” Catherine L. by email 7/3/13

“I can’t imagine how many dollars they have saved us over the time we have been using them. (We now have four in use).” Denise K. by email 17/12/12

“I  love your product, have been extremely happy with them since installing them in my home.” Cheryl P. by email 11/12/12

“…fantastic product.”  Tim M. by email 4/12/12

We are really happy with the EcoSwitches … great invention.” Denise K. by email 30/11/12

“A little over five years ago, we had an evaporative air con installed. It had the power plug in the roof space, so every winter, I had to go into the roof space to unplug it, because whilst it was powered, it was “turned off and on” via remote control. I was thinking of making an extension power cord with a switch, but Ecoswitch had exactly what I was looking for. So simple, and it works!” A.D. on Facebook 7.10.12

“I have used both your ecoswitch and the remote controlled switch supplied under the now defunct Queensland Government Climate Smart Home Service, and that your physical switch is more convienient, simpler, more likely to actually get used, draws zero standby power, and hence is more effective.” Matthew M by email 31.10.12

“Thanks for the prompt feedback.  Excellent customer service.” Garry M by email 29.10.12

“Many thanks for your good customer service.” Glen T by email 22.10.12

“Bloody brilliant. It’s simply an extension power cord switch. No silly on/off computerised rubbish.” Andrew D on Facebook 24.8.12

“I and my daughter have used it and we both love it, and I am sure it will go really well here in the West, as you know the price we are paying in electricity.  And I know this will be a goer with lots of people.  I cannot speak highly enough of the products, as it does save on standby power.  I have proved it with my last bill.” Elizabeth by email 20/08/12

“… love your invention ” Brad by email 14/8/12

“I wanted to thank you again for donating 3 Eco Switches to use as door prizes for our event last night. They were extremely well received.” Hollie by email 26/7/12

“I purchased 4 about a month back and gave my daughter 2, she was so impressed that she can turn off her components all at once that she purchased 14 today.” Elizabeth by email 24/7/12

“I appreciate your help in this matter and also the generous discount. I look forward to using your EcoSwitch product and saving some electricity costs.” Glyn by email 3/7/12

“The ecoswitches are a great idea and I love being able to mover the big & ugly Belking powerboard out of sight (but still in an open and well ventilated) position and being able to use the easy to reach ecoswitch.” Ray by email 1/7/12

“I understand what the problem is now, so thanks for explaining it to me. We received our eco switches yesterday and a thoroughly happy with the product.” Johnathon by email 16/6/12

“Thank you for a great invention.” Elai by email 13/6/12

“Hi Ecoswitch! Just wanted to let you know we received our electricity bill yesterday and it was $100 less than the previous bills. We started using the ecoswitches at the beginning of April and it’s the only reason why our bill would have been less! Thanks :)” Natalie S. Posted on EcoSwitch’s Facebook Wall 13/6/12

“Thank you for great service.” Craig by email 13/6/12

“Thanks for answering all my questions so quickly. I’ve already bought two of your switches and will purchase another couple soon. What a great idea.  The switches are making our lives so much easier – especially for my husband who has mobility issues. Thanks again for your kind assistance.” Jo by email 10/6/12

“Thanks for sending that switch directly to our customer and for sending us replacements for those faulty ones so promptly!” Carla from GB by email 30/5/12

“make great gifts!” Tess C. by email 30/5/12

“Great idea these EcoSwitch things!” Cynthia K. by email 21/5/12

“Just wanting to let you know, that I actually have 2  Eco-Switches at home, and I think they are great!” Fejoy A. by email 1/5/12

“I bought two eco switches late last year – and they do the job great. They’ve really become part of daily life, and the energy saving really is a motivator to their use.” Jackson B. by email 11/4/12

“Sincere thanks for your patience and help… Your service and your product are superb.” Ian C. by email 29/3/12

“I bought 5 switches for myself and family and they are very useful.” David W. by email 14/3/12

“Thank you very much for your email in response to my problems… Your response confirms that excellent service is still around!” Ian C. by email 8/3/12

“I recently came across your product when doing some research … and just love the simplicity of the idea! In fact I thought it was so good that it was the inspiration & first product mentioned in our latest blog … which you can see here: Lara H by email 8/3/12

“… the best of the stand-by power savers …” Independent review published online 15/2/12. See here:

“Many thanks for your prompt resupply of the Ecoswitches.” Hugh H. by email 9/2/12

“Overall your product is pretty good and beats the more complicated technologies because yours is so simple and … should last for a very long time.” Guy B. by email 9/2/12

“I have received the unit and its a ripper.” Grayson C. by email 26./1/12

“Many thanks for a prompt reply and kind, curteous service.” Mel C. by email 11/1/12

“I had done my research and am still convinced your product is the best and very easy to use. I must admit to having a smug satisfaction when I leave the house to know that EVERY appliance is off when I switch those GREEN switches off ! We recently added some solar panels and combined with our power saving ECOSwitches we hope to keep our power use to a minimum”. Monica M. by email 4/1/12

“… a good thing and the price is reasonable too.” Daryl C. by email 15/12/11

“Bravo! Una invenzione fantastica!” Leonardo da V. on canvas, 1482. Joking!

“I already have 5 ecoswitches and have found them excellent, which is why I wish to order three more.” Keith W. 9/11/11

“… a pleasure to do business with you. I love your product and have no hesitation in telling people about it.” Ken L. by letter 10/11

“(I) have seen your product in use, and was very impressed.” Christine C. by email 11/9/11

“We installed several Eco-Switches. It’s a brilliant device that allows you to stop wasting standby power by turning off …” Brisbane Times 18/8/11

“Thank you for your efforts and helping me reduce my carbon footprint.” Michelle L. by email 23/6/11

“I don’t want to buy the products most seem to stock (the remote ones) as it defeats the purpose, having to find a remote, batteries going flat etc. Simple design is always the best.” Tim S. by email 20/6/11

“I absolutely love the eco switch, it is so handy!” Paul S. by email 14/6/11

“… I thought your product is fantastic and reasonable priced.” Alexandra K. by email 12/6/11

“Great product.” Mark M. by email 31/5/11

“… very neat solution!” Tess C. by email 24/5/11

“The Ecoswitch is a very clever product. We love it.” Pat F. by email 22/5/11

“We’ve been enjoying the ability to readily switch an entire power board off on the way out the door thanks to your invention. Thanks again for helping kill the electrical vampires.” Mike H. by email 18/5/11

“It is a fantastically useful tool.” Bec C. by email 15/5/11

“… this is a good product.” Lex by email 5/5/11

“Received the replacement switch (+1) this morning. Thank you for your prompt and generous service.” Sudaya by email 15/4/11

“… thank you for a great product.” Elisa I. by email 8/4/11

“… this is a very useful product and has made life easier for those like me that DID switch things off at the wall.” Renato B. by email 25/3/11

“I have had a radio transformer replaced and have just had a printer fail from what I think is the power supply transformer fail. You will get increased life out of your appliances if you switch off at the power supply with ecoswitch.” Charles A. by email 16/3/11

“… congratulations on such a simple yet overdue product” Fernando G. by email 16/3/11

“Wow, brilliant customer service!” Daniel Y by email 13/2/11

“I live in a independent  Retirement Village and it  is very easy too install. I have worked it out it would take me 17 and half weeks too pay it off. This is worked out on the basis of saving myself two dollars a week that is $104 a year. I have it hooked up to my tv and dvd player by using a small power board. Needless to say i am very happy.” Lawrence K. by email 1/2/11

“I was delighted to receive your Ecoswitches the other day. They have already stopped the strange buzzing noise which was emitted by the printer because the family couldn’t be bothered to reach down to the power point. Now, we can turn the printer off when we’re finished and the buzzing noise stops.” Ben R. by email 22/1/11

“Great product.” Sam S. by email 5/1/11


“… very much enjoying the flexibility of putting a single switch in a convenient location while retaining an existing powerboard..” Mike H. by email 22/11/10

“I am the proud owner of an eco-switch and very happy with its performance. The glowing (switch) is obviously excellent feedback that you’ve left it on, and the green colour provides a good conversation starter for visitors wondering what the hell it is.” Ted P. by email 28/10/10

“We had a play with the switch today and am very impressed – better then the foot switches I’ve been using.” Francesca C. by email 28/10/10

“Thanks heaps for the quick delivery of the eco switches, I’ve already put four of the five of them to use, and as I have a couple of game consoles hooked up to my TV, it’s nice to be able to turn off EVERYTHING with a single click at last. I’ve wanted these ever since you showed them on the New Inventors!” Ben K. by email 24/10/10

“Picked up the ecoswitch today  –  am now saving greenhouse gas emissions.  WOOO HOOOO. Practical, simple and so doable.” Ben K. by email 22/10/10

“… great product” Brent R. by email 22/10/10