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Just plug in and switch on!

The smartest, simplest and easiest way to help reduce your power bill!

Save energy with EcoSwitch

Reduce energy usage at the office

One of the largest areas of energy consumption by businesses large or small is computers and photocopiers that are left on overnight. Using the EcoSwitch® to switch off multiple computers and peripheral devices will save heaps of energy. And money.

The EcoSwitch® is a no-brainer.

  1. Simply plug your selected appliance or equipment (or your power board, if you have several items) into the EcoSwitch® socket.
  2. Insert the EcoSwitch® plug into the wall outlet
  3. Switch your EcoSwitch® on or off as required.

See product dimensions and just a few set-up options here.

The green light on the EcoSwitch® acts as a reminder for you to turn off. When the green light is off, your power is 100% off.

You don’t need to bend or reach amongst the clutter or crawl underneath your desk. And because it turns your connected devices 100% off, the EcoSwitch® reduces the risk of fire in your workplace caused by any electrical surges or by appliances overheating.

Monash University staff reduce electricity consumption by 30% with just one EcoSwitch per desk.

And to save even more, be sure to consider your entire office premises – you’re sure to find other appliances and equipment draining your bottom line:

  • telephone systems
  • photocopiers (don’t trust their “energy-saving” modes!)
  • modems/routers/networking hubs
  • desk lamps
  • coffee machines
  • hot water urns
  • water coolers
  • personal heaters
  • fish tanks, water features
  • reception TVs
  • rechargers always left on
  • appliances always left on to show a clock eg. microwave ovens
  • vending machines

Just switch it off! To get yours now – click here.

Let’s look at some facts:

Each computer can cost you around 30 – 40W for every hour it is left on standby, overnight alone wasting around 200 kWh per computer every single year. This works out to cost approximately $20 per annum per computer (based on a very conservative 10 cents per kWh).

Here’s a breakdown of energy and money saving, assuming that equipment is left on standby overnight:

Office Equipment Small Business Medium Business Large Business
Number of desktop computers 5 20 250
Number of printers 1 4 50
Number of photocopiers 1 2 10
Number of multifunction printer and copier (on passive standby) 0 0 5
Number of faxes 1 2 5
Number of modems 1 1 0
Total 186.5 622 7237
Savings in kilowatts 479 1595 18570
Savings in $ 86 287 3343
Greenhouse gas savings (tonnes) 0.63 2.09 24.33

(source: ecovantage)

How many EcoSwitches should my business use?

We estimate that for small, medium or large businesses, the following number of EcoSwitches would be used, based on an average of five items of equipment plugged into one EcoSwitch® (via your existing power board).

Number of EcoSwitches per size of business (commercial premises)

Size of business Number of EcoSwitches
Small 3
Medium 8
Large 65 (based on business spread over 5 floors of a building)

(source: ecovantage)

Need to encourage your staff to save power? Try this great tip

Fundraising for an office event?

Selling EcoSwitches is far more innovative than selling chocolates! Or maybe you want to give them to your staff for Christmas.

Get cracking. Get onto your manager and start EcoSwitching NOW!