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Just plug in and switch on!

The smartest, simplest and easiest way to help reduce your power bill!

Save energy with EcoSwitch

Saving power in the home

Eliminate standby and the average household's electricity consumption can be slashed by over 10%, representing savings of at least $120 per year (2005 statistics: *Australian Greenhouse Office). And with electricity prices having rocketed upwards since 2005, you're likely to save much, much more.

In fact, data from the ABS shockingly reveals that between 2005 and 2010 electricity prices increased by: Sydney 61.3%, Melbourne 56.8%, Brisbane 50.7%, Canberra 45.9%, Perth 35.8%. No-one is predicting this upward trend to stop anytime soon.

Clearly, your standby power saving EcoSwitch will quickly prove to be quite a valuable investment. By eliminating standby power to reduce energy usage, you’ll be saving around a months worth of electricity per year!

Where would I use an EcoSwitch?

You can use the EcoSwitch at any ‘hub’ where your appliances might be grouped. Do these sound familiar?:

  • Computer hub: computer, monitor, router, external hard-drive, scanner, printer
  • Television hub: TV, Play-Station, VCR, DVD, set-top box, cable TV box
  • Audio hub: iPod deck, CD player, turntable, amplifier, tuner, tape player
  • Office hub: photocopier, fax machine, answering machine, printer

See product dimensions and some additional set-up options here.


Other handy tips for saving power around the home:

  • Use an EcoSwitch anywhere that you can make an appliance easier or safer to switch off. For example, battery rechargers, bedside fans, air-conditioners, pumps, fish tanks, machinery, kitchen gadgets, Christmas tree lights, bedside lights, items without their own switch and dangerous equipment
  • Create a new hub and switch off your appliances and devices from a central location
  • An EcoSwitch will now make your refrigerator’s power point accessible
  • The EcoSwitch can be used to switch off any unnecessary electronic clocks. Did you know many microwave ovens use more energy with their digital clock running all day every day than the few minutes each day actually microwaving stuff! Ask yourself, “How many clocks do I really need?”
  • Connect an EcoSwitch to any mains-powered device that has a light remaining on or heat coming from it after you’ve turned it off
  • Hook-up an EcoSwitch® to all your rechargeable device’s ‘plug-pack’ transformers. For example your mobile phone, laptop computer, rechargeable torch, kids toys, MP3s, digital camera, GPS, and so on
  • You can even mount the switch component of the EcoSwitch® using the adhesive pad supplied, somewhere really handy, such as the side of your TV, the architrave or on your desk. How easy will that make it to remember to switch stuff off?
  • For more EcoSwitch uses and energy efficient tips, checkout our FAQ page.


Installing is simple:

  1. Insert the EcoSwitch plug into the power outlet on the wall
  2. Insert your appliance or power-board into the EcoSwitch socket
  3. Switch your EcoSwitch on or off as required

Place the switch in the best position for anyone to access and see, eliminating the need to bend or strain, and that’s it – you’re done. Easy huh?

And the green light on the EcoSwitch will serve as a reminder for you to turn off all those electrical appliances. When the green light is off, your power is 100% off, including standby power.



Selling EcoSwitches to raise money for eg. your school group is far more innovative than selling chocolates! Find out more…
Smart switching!
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