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Just plug in and switch on!

The smartest, simplest and easiest way to help reduce your power bill!

Why it’s Smart

Good for the environment

Eliminating wasted standby power using just a few EcoSwitches around the home will save an estimated 800kg per year of carbon dioxide being released into our atmosphere.


Save over $120 a year!

Eliminate standby and the average household's electricity use can be slashed by over 10%, representing savings of at least $120 per year (2005 statistics: *Australian Greenhouse Office).


Reduce the risk of fire in your home

The EcoSwitch® turns your connected devices off 100% thereby reducing the risk of fire in your home caused by any electrical surges or by appliances overheating.


Extend the life of your appliances

For a long time it has been an urban myth that turning off hi-tech modern appliances, like computers and home theatre systems, shortened their life.


EcoSwitch® is easy!

The multi-award winning EcoSwitch® now makes it EASY to control ALL your appliances.

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