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Just plug in and switch on!

The smartest, simplest and easiest way to help reduce your power bill!

Why it’s Smart

Good for the environment

Eliminating wasted standby power using just a few EcoSwitches around the home will save an estimated 800kg per year of carbon dioxide being released into our atmosphere.

The Australian Greenhouse Office has estimated that residential standby power resulted in the emission of nearly 6,500,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide in the year 2005. And this is just households!

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a greenhouse gas which has contributed significantly to climate change.

Although not all CO2 is bad, human activity has introduced so much CO2 directly into the atmosphere that the natural balance of CO2 has dramatically changed.

Let’s do our bit for the environment! Start EcoSwitching and save some money while saving the planet. Get yours now.