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The smartest, simplest and easiest way to help reduce your power bill!

Win free EcoSwitches!

Win free EcoSwitches!

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Previous EcoSwitch competitions

Entrants were required to tell us what they thought was the best or funniest use of an EcoSwitch® is – or could be. We had a great response and – although everyone is a winner using an EcoSwitch – choosing competition winners was difficult. Thank you everyone for your excellent entries. But here’s who we chose:

“I can’t wait to use an EcoSwitch to turn off my wife’s electric blanket once she has fallen asleep. I currently get out of bed and freeze or stay in bed and bake.” … Jason

“I want to use an Ecoswitch to keep a handle on the amount of battery power used by my toddler. He has all sorts of toys that need charging and batteries. At the moment he knows I can plug in to recharge  but I can use an EcoSwitch to say the power only charges once per day!” … Ashley

“Living in a house with many windows, practically every bit of wall space has furniture in front and yes, blocks access to the power points. I have been using a “pick up stick / arm extender” gadget for many of the points used to switch on/off but now by using your new product I will be preventing further accidental dints and scrapes on the wall caused by the poking with the stick. My priority will be 2 EcoSwitches behind my sewing machine unit / media centre.” … Heather

“The best use I can think of is to keep it next attach it to a wireless router in my bed room, that way when I go to bed I can click the switch on my bedside table and turn off the router so this kids cannot surf the net when they should be sleeping.” … Gareth

“As well as the normal usage to reduce standby power, I would like one so that the power switch is above the height my young son ( 5yo )  can reach. This will make the Nintendo Wii inaccessible at 3am when he has woken up and being bored decides to wander into the lounge room and amuse himself waking us up in the process. This is an all too frequent event in our house.” … Dale